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The Impossible Quiz

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The Impossible Quiz is probably the most popular game of the last several years, along with Happy Wheels. Thousands of people all over the world play it every day. Now you have ability to play the impossible quiz at our website too. Before starting to play the game, read several simple rules to get familiar with it. The game is made in funny manner, all questions are a bit funny but at the same time you just can’t answer all of them because it is impossible to find right answers for all those tricky questions. The game will test your logical thinking ability and your accuracy. In some questions there will be only a single difference between answers so be careful. The key to success in the impossible quiz is not to hurry up and think wisely before giving the answer. Remember that there are more than 100 questions and almost all of them are difficult. My advice is not to take the quiz too seriously – it is just a game. Have Fun.

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